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A/Q Wiring Service Customer: Dean "Buz" Kaster

'Buz' Kaster's Modified

"Buz" was one of the first customers I had when I started wiring race cars.  While this is a picture of one of his dirt track cars, Buz had me install the wiring on his asphalt car in the early 90's when Lakeside was a paved track.  Even after he sold the car, the new owner called on me to repair the wiring after a crash and fire -- actually, not much damage was done and the car was back in competition in no time.

Buz also called on me to wire several cars that made their way through a race shop he ran in the early 90's as well.  His shop was responsible for most of the cage work on our 1971 Cutlass race car, more about "Grace" can be found on our race team pages.

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