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A/Q Wiring Service Customer: Ken Snyder Racing

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Ken Snyder's Race Car, 1992  1992: "Elfie"

1994:  Ken Snyder's Race Car, 1994  "Grace"

1997: "The Silver Bullet"  Ken Snyder's Race Car, 1997

Where it all began.  My years of working on aircraft ran right smack into my passion for automobiles and auto racing in late 1990 when I purchased my first race car and decided it needed a well-planned wiring system.  "Elfie" started my involvement as a driver in 1992, followed by "Grace" in 1994.  By 1997 I had turned my racing attention to the Sports Car Club of America's Solo Events, and used my daily driver "The Silver Bullet" in the "G" Stock class.

As my schedule's become more hectic, the days of actually participating have been put on hold.  However, I hope this can change sometime soon -- plans are underway to resume racing as time and budget allow.

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